Charlyn Reynolds

Charlyn Reynolds, 27, is originally from Elgin, Illinois. She received her BFA in 2011 in glass, under instruction from John Miller. After finishing school, Charlyn was hired by the Toledo Museum of Art and later on, the Corning Museum of Glass. She works for the Corning Museum of Glass on Celebrity Cruise Lines performing live glass blowing demonstrations while educating the public about glass as an artistic medium. She lives on the cruise ship for three months at a time and has traveled to the Mediterranean, through the Alaskan wilderness, and across the blue seas of the Caribbean. In the three months that Charlyn is off of the ship, she returns to the Toledo Museum of Art to teach p√Ęte de verre. In between working, she has developed her skills further by taking intensive classes at many craft schools from world renowned artists. In her downtime she gathers her inspiration from her travels to create her pieces that she shows throughout the year.